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Published by Leader Services logo Monday, December 10, 2012

Rural District a Model for Serving Healthy Foods

Source: EdSource

An assortment of vegetables

Fort Bragg Unified school district has been recognized by California's Stepping Up to the Challenge, Creating a Healthy School Environment program as an example for Northern California to follow due to it's monumental efforts to ensure the nutrition of its primarily low income students.

This rural school was able to achieve this despite massive budget cuts by taking advantage of statewide grants and partnering up with community non-profit organizations and local businesses. Mendocino Coast Children's Fund and North Coast Opportunities are two local non profits who provide the resources to train kitchen staff. A local business, Noyo Food Forest (NFF) leased a dilapidated agricultural science building and made it into a profitable garden for the high school. NFF also offers internships to high school students and applies for grants to teach teens about nutrition.

All of this translates into healthy and varied meals for the students. One of the favorites is whole grain spaghetti with a sauce made from local vegetables, salad with a yogurt dressing, fruit, and milk from a local dairy. Fort Bragg's dedication to healthy food does not only apply to lunchtime. For example: During a lesson on ancient Egypt, students learned about the nutritional benefits of the foods the Egyptians ate.

Fort Bragg Unified is a small school taking large steps towards a healthier future for its students.


Money Arriving to Make California Schools Greener


Insulation being installed

When people think about "becoming greener," things like wind mills and solar panels come to mind. However, becoming greener can be as simple as installing better insulation, efficient heating, and new windows. Thanks to the passing of Proposition 39, half of the $1.1 billion a year generated by closing a tax loophole on out-of-state corporations will be allocated to helping public schools and other government buildings go green in this fashion for the next 5 years.

Although these changes may seem mundane, they will go a long way to reduce smog and greenhouse gases. Utility bills will also be lowered by 20 to 40 percent because of the efficient infrastructure. US schools spend $8 billion a year on energy bills; lowering that amount means more money to spend on students.

Measures are being taken to make sure the money is spent as intended. The money can only go through existing public agencies and must be spent on projects evaluated as cost-effective. A bill is also being introduced which will dictate how to spend the money using criteria such as ranking schools by kilowatt hours of electricity used.

This money is seen not only as a method of cutting utility cost, but also an investment in the future.


In this issue...

A word from Leader Services

Kindle Fire winner announced

Entries were collected at the recent CSBA show to win an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, courtesy of Leader Services. Don Martin, school board member at Valley Center-Pauma Unified, was the winner.

The entry was picked by Leader CFO Jeff Mason Jr.'s daughter, Riley (pictured below).

Congratulations, Don!

Kindle Fire


California School For The Deaf Football Team Draws National Attention in Title Win

Source: Huffington Post

California School for the Deaf's football team, the Eagles, drew national attention by winning a league title.

They are not the biggest players on the field (none weighed over 200 lbs.), but through their offensive style, highly visible play boards and use of American sign language during drives, they are a force to be reckoned with.


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