WA schools once again recovering Medicaid Reimbursement funds

Article date: April 13, 2012

Following the reinstatement of Washington State's Medicaid Reimbursement Program in September 2011, Leader Services has processed and submitted over $730,000 in claims on behalf of its WA school clients.

The Washington State Legislature terminated the program in January 2011 in an attempt to decrease expenses on all state departments. Leader played an active role in moving legislation that resulted in the reinstitution of the program in September 2011.

Although the program is again operational, WA schools are still feeling the pinch, because they cannot claim for speech or psychological services (their two largest special education services). The state disallowed billing for these services until it reexamines its definition of a "qualified" provider. Leader is closely monitoring these discussions and will notify our clients when a decision is reached.

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing services are the only services currently eligible for reimbursement.

Leader's WA clients can take advantage of the web-based WAMR application to rapidly enter and track claim data and manage multiple aspects of the claims process. Since its inception, WAMR has captured over 1.6 million individual claims for schools across Washington state.

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