Contact Information

If districts need assistance with enrolling their rendering providers or have additional ProviderOne training questions, please contact the Provider Relations Unit or call:

  • Matt Ashton at 360-725-1614
  • Jason Bergman at 360-725-1242
  • Marci Thietje at 360-725-1610

ProviderOne Manual:

Helpful Links:

Managing Claims

Managing Service Provider Information

Verifying Client Eligibility

Provider Revalidation

Enrolling as a Servicing Provider

The following steps need to be completed in P1 in order to enroll a provider:
  • Step 1 - Basic Information
  • Step 3 - Specialization
  • Step 5 - Licenses and Certifications
  • Step 14 - Servicing Provider Information
  • Step 16 - Submit modification for Review